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TSUNAMI SPECIAL | Clip-card for 20 personal trainings!






The main rule in sport is very simple: to train only with professionals.


First, it is effective. 


Secondly, with a great instructor, motivation is always at its peak.



And in the end, the risk of injury is reduced to zero when your equipment is under the control of a sensitive trainer. ⠀



Want to experience all the benefits of personal training, come to TSUNAMI FITNESS!

And to be more convincing, we have prepared an incredible offer for you & mdash; clip cards for 20 workouts.



You can purchase a card at a special price   —   6 000 UAH, up to 20%.



    The purchase of a card is possible only with a valid FITNESS subscription.



    Genesis System Bonus System is not covered.

    *The special offer does not apply to Oleg Platov’s personal boxing training session.


     Клип карта - 20 персональных тренировок в TSUNAMI FITNESS



    It is possible to purchase a clip card for 20 workouts at the FITNESS reception,

    and also on the website having issued a gift card for the sum of 6 000 UAH according to the link:



    Trainings are held by appointment by phone: 



    ☎+38 (068) 90 000 30


    ☎+38 (095) 07 000 30


    ☎ 0 800 30 40 70