We are proud to offer you Ayurveda on the highest level – Ayurveda centre in SPA-complex “Tsunami” is presented by highly qualified hereditary doctor Suresh Swarnapuri. More than 15 years he practices and educates in many countries: Ukraine, France, Ireland, Croatia, and the USA. 




- Consultation is held by highly qualified doctor of Ayurveda – Dr. Swarnapuri
- Pulse diagnostics is used to detect early and future disease stages
- After diagnostics – doctor’s recommendation 




Dr.of Ayurveda Suresh Swarnapuri


Dr. Suresh, highly qualified doctor of Ayurveda, practices and conducts seminars for more than 15 years in many countries: Ukraine, France, Ireland, Croatia, and America. Dr. Suresh is a hereditary Ayurvedic physician, graduated for 8 years at the University of Rajiv Gandhi, Bangalore, received the diploma of doctor of medicine (Ayurveda). In 2011 he was invited to an international conference for doctors of Ayurveda AAPNA in America (Boston), where he was awarded with Atreya Award, as well as Charaka Award in Las Vegas in 2013 for achievements in the field of Ayurveda


Ayurvedic treatments 


Peeling massage "Amrita" 4 hands. Easily and effectively cleans the skin, leaving it soft and pleasant


Triphala massage. Triphala massage is otherwise known as powder massage. Triphala massage is a deep, dry and stimulating massage using special herbal powder to reduce cellulite accumulations, to improve circulation and to enhance your skin's texture and appearance, reduces excess fat. It imparts mobility to joints, strengthens muscles and refreshes the body, reduces excess sweating


Pind Sweda. Pind sweda is a whole body massage using rice bundle. The bundles are dipped in a mixture of milk and medicinal decoction and are applied all over the body. Pind sweda is an immune-enhancing rejuvenation therapy and is made use in convalescence period of trauma, arthritis, general weakness, joints and sore muscles pains. This is a nourishing and restorative therapy that will reduce emaciation of the muscles and will build a better immune system. It is also very effective to improve the luster and texture of the skin. Good for nervous system and also helpful in others such as chronic tiredness and rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout, and numbness, strenghtens the muscular power


Abhyanga. Abhyanga is a gentle full body massage with warm oils given by two Ayurveda therapists and it is also one of the most rejuvenating therapies of Ayurveda.
This therapy will support your whole body physically, mentally and emotionally while balancing the Doshas. Its rhythmic motion helps to relieve joints and muscles from stiffness and increases body mobility and flexibility.
Abhyanga is recommended for stress relief, promotes Vitality & Vigour, relieves muscular pain & body pain, rejuvenates the whole body, ideal for pre/post-delivery


Vamana. It is a process by which elimination of vitiated doshas (kapha,vata) ,form the stomach and whole body through mouth. The Endotoxins (aggravated kapha ,pitta) which are present in the stomach, in the cells and tissues of entire body are eliminated by the vamana therapy. This procedure can be done to prevent oncological problems at least six months once. One of the best programmes for obesity
Vamana is basically done during lighter climates not hot in condiitons


Basthi Therapy. The process in which the medicated oil or decoction is administered into the intestines through the anal region (HERBAL EMEMA).One of the finest procedures for all Nervous, joint disorders, the herbs which are used in this are extremely useful in detoxification.
Yoga bsthi-8 day nonstop programmes are very useful in obesity



1.Neurological Disorders-All Paralysis, Parkinsonsetc
4.Peripheral Neuritis
5.Lower Back Pains
7.Strenghtening The Intestines.
8.Strenghtens The Genito Urinary Organs


Panchakarma. Panchakarma actually is a group of treatments, five in number, all of which are not commonly practised in all diseases. The panchakarmaare vamana, virechana, snehavasti, kashayavasti and nasya. Vamana is emesis, virechana is purging, vasti is enema, which of two kinds done with medicated oils and medicated decoctions and is called snehavasti and kashayavasti respectively. Nasya is instillation of medicines through nose


Virechana. Virechana is a kind of Detoxication –panchakarma procedure where aggravated pitha dosha or toxins which are causing Metabolic disorders are made to pass through stools.
By this method not only impurities from colon ,rectum passes out but also impurities from the whole body at the cellular level comes out
This procedure needed to be done at least 4 months once to detoxify liver periodically



1...Skin Diseases
3.Liver,Spleen Disorders
5..Visual Disorders


Nasya. Nasya therapy means inhalation and putting special oil drops into the nose to cleanse the sinuses and detoxify head and neck region. Nasya therapy helping to clear excess mucus from the sinuses and lungs.
This is an effective therapy in the following:
It purifies sinuses, prevents hair falls, improves vision, rejuvenates cervical spine, improves brain functions and helps in headaches.
A classical head&neck Detoxicating programmer. It is a process by which the medicated oil or powder should be administered through the nostrils is known as Nasya
During this procedure most of the toxins are pushed to Nose from many parts of head and neck region


1.It Is Very Usefull In Head And Neck Diseases And Also Whole Body
2. Head Ache, Sinusitis, Eye Diseases, Ear, Neck Problems, Brain Problems
3.Stimulates The Whole Nervous System
4.Helps In Functions Of Endocrine Glands


Karna purana. During the procedure in the ears dug a few drops of warm oil.
Prevents vata diseases - dizziness, insomnia, prevents and helps in the treatment of neck problems, eliminates tinnitus


Netra tarpan. Eye Treatment. The eye is bathed in medicated oils by creating a small tank around the eye using special pastes. It improves eyesight and strengthens the ocular muscles


Griva basti. After a gentle massage on the back, warm oil is poured over the lower back and retained inside on herbal paste boundary. The oils deeply clean and enriches the body, builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricates the spine keeping it flexible and pain free. This therapy supports in various ways as follows: spinal disorders, relieves the back pain, stimulates and nourishes nerves relieving pain and numbness


Rasayan Basthi. This is a special rejuvenative procedure administered into the intestines, which does the action of detoxification and rejuvenation.
It is not regular enema, it is the administration with a mixer of herbal decoction and oils which removes undigested foods and constipation. This procedure can be taken by any one and at any time. A course procedures for chronic disorders are advised. Minimum one to 7 procedures are recommended for a recent as well as chronic problems.
Rejuvenation of the Nervousness system, skeletal system and hepatobiliary system (liver and gall bladder problems).takes place. Indications: chronic constipation and fatigue, neurological problems, multiple arthritis for bones rejuvenation


Kati basti. After a gentle massage on the back, warm oil is poured over the lower back and retained inside on herbal paste boundary.
The oils deeply clean and enriches the body, builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricates the spine keeping it flexible and pain free. This therapy supports in various ways as follows: spinal disorders, relieves the back pain, stimulates and nourishes nerves relieving pain and numbness


Shiradhara. According to Ayurveda, Sirodhara is the best treatment for diseases of the nervous system and for emotional problems such as chronic depression and anxiety (panic) attacks. It is also recommended for chronic headaches, as well as ear, nose and throat problems, and is especially useful for pain management. During this treatment there is a constant flow of oils on the forehead.
‘Shira’ means head and ‘Dhara’ means continuous flow of a liquid. Sirodhara is the process in which oil is poured on the forehead.
Sirodhara is a cooling therapy that settles the mind and profoundly relaxes the central nervous system. Sirodhara is an effective therapy for mental relaxation, insomnia, stress, skin diseases, Prevents hair lose, premature graying and cracking of hair, depression, Relieves headache, balancing blood pressure


Rakta Mokshsna. Leech Therapy. Treatment Of Skin And Blood Disrders By The Leech Application Method



1.All The Skin Disoredrs-Eczema,Psoriasis Etc
4.Unhealed Wounds



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