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Treatments should begin with a body scrub that cleanses the skin from dead cells, enriches it with oxygen, nutrients, facilitates access and start the regeneration process. Peeling solves the problem of photo and hronostareniya, pigmentation, scars and stretch marks. After peeling the skin feels refreshed and younger.
Depending on the desired result, the type and condition of the skin, you can pick any of a wide range of peels: milk, coffee, herbal, fruit, seaweed, salt, sugar, honey, chocolate, grape, mud, aroma salts



Body wraps


The next step after peeling care - anti-cellulite programs, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. We use massage, body wraps and baths that remove toxins and excess fluid, reduce the volume of the body, stimulate blood circulation, nourishe the skin with nutrients, improve its structure.


Body wraps with the professional lines Babor, Thalgo, Sundari, Gerard’s