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 3-day SPA program – RE-ENERGY



Complex TSUNAMI offers a package of procedures in a harmonious combination with a correct, balanced diet, developed by a consultant doctor, Anti-AGE nutritionist Yakovenko Irina Valerievna in the best traditions of modern dietetics, personal physical activity, accompanied by your personal trainer, who works in close cooperation with a WELLNESS therapist. As a result, the functional state of organs and tissues will improve, and the general tone of the body will increase.


The body filled with vitality will become more energetic and enduring, your efficiency and quality of life will increase.



Objectives of the program:


  • Recovery of the body
  • Skin improvement
  • Normalization of metabolism






Enjoy your vacation in the five-star SPA HOTEL and WELLNESS - complex TSUNAMI. To progress, you need to learn how to recuperate.

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