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Power and Functional




The revolutionary training system.

It includes:

The training, which consists of 12 different kinds of training aimed at developing the power performance, balance, cardiovascular, coordination + Passage fitness test at each stage of monitoring results + + + Development Consulting of nutritionist unique 3-phase nutrition program.

The program lasts for 90 days.





Power class using specially selected exercise maximum impact on the muscles of the buttocks + exercise on abdominal exercise


Hot Iron


Training with mini-bars, designed to increase strength endurance and working out all the muscle groups

To achieve the best results in the formation of the figure needed proper strength training.
During regular visits to training HOT IRON figure is changing. Speeds up the metabolism, the joints become more flexible, increasing the functional muscle, muscle tissue is sealed.

Men acquire relief body, woman - slender and toned body.

The system of training over several years developed a group of German experts in the field of medicine and sport.
For HOT IRON used mini rods of different weights, mats and step platform
Classes are based on the repetition of the three basic exercises: traction, benching and squats


Functional Training 


Occupation high intensity, including the exercise of endurance, balance and coordination. Work with your own body weight and with various power and balancing equipment.