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Wise body

Tae Bo: sweeping blow on superfluous kgs

it is variety of fitness, directed to unconditional surrender of excess weight, the common strengthening of immunity and normalisation of the organism, increase of endurance, development of reaction and co-ordination of movements.




Universal training aimed at strengthening the supporting muscles, improving coordination and balance, and restore flexibility and mobility development




Universal way to maintain mental and physical health of modern man. The main part of the class make static posture - unique comprehensive exercise


Fly Yoga


The unique combination of yoga, therapeutic exercise, movement with simulated flight, inverted postures; performed in special hammocks



Hatha Yoga


Complex basic static exercises, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, concentration exercises


Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Streaming style of hatha yoga, gentle dynamic inflow in asana and the power aspect, the combination of static and dynamic asana sequence, synchronization of movements and breathing


Yoga kundalini


The system of exercises designed to raise vital energy of kundalini in stages for all the chakras with powerful breathing practices, complex asanas, meditation and mantras