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Pool with the water a comfortable temperature, which is equipped with two systems of counterflow of water and special "spa guns", allowing to massage subcutaneous tissue and muscle. Pool size 12 x 8 m





Small swimming pool with warm sea water





Small pool of cold water near the Russian bath



Small pools with cold water (about + 4 °C) - an integral part of the Japanese bath. Located in the sauna room and in the Aurum area



A small pool of very cold water (+ 7 °C) in the Aurum area



In the early 20th century, was invented the first hot tub with immersion pump directly into it, creating an effect of warm swirling water. Glorifying their name Italian Jacuzzi brothers, whose name has become a byword for the designation with hydromassage baths. Jacuzzi tubs - it thermotherapy (warming effect), water treatments and massages.
The use of the whirlpool is undeniable. This is a quick way to lose weight by stimulating the breakdown of fat, and a method of forming a beautiful figure, the reduction of cellulite and fat deposits.
Under the influence of hydro-massage motor function are restoring, removing the accumulated weight and reducing the tendency to spasm. Vessel walls regain their elasticity and become stronger, improves circulation, and as a consequence - the work of the heart. Accelerated metabolism, increases the body's defenses.
Underwater massage polishes the skin, the skin cells are saturated with oxygen, the structure and color of the skin is improved same as skin tone.
Very useful sessions whirl in times of stress to the body ie in the autumn and spring