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Snow and Salt room

Snow room (Snow Cave)
T = - 16  °С

It is good after a good bath-house with a broom to dive into a snowdrift !!
Here it is - Snow room! Located directly in the sauna room, it can be accessed from any steaming and bursting with heat saunas. Spread a clean snow onto hot body it is such a relief after a hot sauna, a feeling of freshness and lightness comes instantly!
And what a workout for the heart, blood vessels and skin! The significance of the Snow House is further increased by the fact that it can act completely independently as a Health Spa for those who is contraindicated of hot, dry or wet steam. Cryo-effect has helthy rejuvenating effect on the skin and the whole body. It activates the work of immune and repair mechanisms, harmonize metabolic processes of the body requires more energy expenditure, which opens up prospects in the fight against excess weight and cellulite, and without any negative side effects.
The indoor temperature of the room down to minus 16 ° C, snowing constantly, icreated from pure filtered water and air - without chemicals! - With the help of freon refrigeration units and production units of KLAFFS.



Salt room


After saunas, various spa treatments and baths you an relax in the salt room. Many thermal procedures are accompanied by sweating and other reactions that have been going on even after the procedure. It is best at this time to rest, lying on the couch, wrapped in a bathrobe or blanket. A couple of hours sleep in the room with the dead sea salt crystalson comfortable beds, duvets made of camel hair, light soft music and dim lights give you a feeling of full relaxation and rest.
Salt therapy system installed in the common room of SPA-center "Tsunami", creates a feeling of the sea breeze, enriched with salt and minerals. Is widely known and documented health benefits of salt inhalation:


• Salt "steam" passes through the respiratory tract, reaching even the smallest branches in the lungs. When this salt is contained in the "steam" it has an osmotic effect on the cells, causing them to emit water. As a result the airways significantly increased, the body receives more oxygen

• Salt "steam" also penetrates the layers of the skin, providing moisturizing effect. This can be seen, felt on the velvety skin. Even when visiting 1-2 times a week tangible effect for the skin comes rather quickly

• Treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract and sinuses becomes much simpler after visits to the salt room, facilitated their course

• headaches, and fatigue may disappear after one visit to the salt room

• Exposure to the atmosphere of "live air" is particularly valuable as a non-drug treatment of allergic diseases at children

• It takes only one hour a day to breathe the salt air to balance the immune system, rejuvenate and get a general therapeutic effect

The salt system of color therapy relaxation room "Wave of dreams" creates waves of color, of different shapes, flowing from one to another, fantastic images and colors projected onto the walls of the room. One gets the impression of unreality, changing patterns fascinate and you quietly and smoothly fall asleep calm and healthy.