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Roman Sauna

T = +40 +60 °C
humidity of 100%


This room with the highest relative humidity - close to 100%. Skin get s healthy color, dull luster, becomes velvety to the touch. Dense steam envelops the body and gently heats it at a temperature 43-48 ° C, gradually relaxing all the muscle clamps, restores vigor and efficiency.
Roman Bath SPA-center "Tsunami" is provided with the air shower, feed system, hot and cold water in the bath room, a floor heating system and seats. Inside there are mounted stereo system, special lighting - "starry sky". Capacity of baths 8-12 pers.



Sauna Slovianska Movnitsa


T = +60 + 90 °C
humidity 30 - 60%

Slovianska Movnitsa ("movnitsa" - from "wash" - the ancient name of the bath) - bath, the temperature and humidity is close to the traditional Russian sauna and all that good can be said of the Russian sauna, in the same measure to the Slovianska Movnitsa. Of the differences and additional interesting features - "Cold Cave" and the rest house in Old Church Slavonic style ...
In traditional oven steam sauna heater enables readability heat at will, splashing water on the hot stones of the furnace, creating a "steam pushes." The air is filled with saturated steam, the temperature of "fog" air rises to 60-90 ° C. Visiting the bath stimulates blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue, accelerates metabolism, open pores, toxins - is cleansing the skin and the body as a whole. As a result - increase endurance, performance, the body's resistance to colds.
Mandatory bath headdress! Allowed the use of beverages such as kvass, juice, tea, fresh juice. Excludes alcoholic beverages, including and beer.


After the bath - shower or snow room. Then - the pool. And be sure to - rest.


Procedures in the sauna Slovianska Movnitsa

Massage with a broom and a beer (honey) peeling

The procedure starts with the feet in warm herbal infusion, which increases blood circulation and prepares the body to the top of the main procedure. Then massage broom and peeling (beer or honey), which purify and strengthen the blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Promote the activation of metabolism.


Complex procedures

The procedure starts with the feet in warm herbal infusion, which increases blood circulation and prepares the body to the top of the main procedure. Then massage with peeling hrenomi a rest house, massage and exfoliation broom (beer or honey) in a bath that help cleanse and strengthen the blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Contribute to the activation of metabolism and excretion of toxins. The next step - contrasting procedures and clay applique on the whole body. The powerful detox effect. Ablution aromanastoem.
Gives perfect rejuvenating, revitalizing and relaxing effect.


Complex procedures and mask

The procedure starts with the feet in warm herbal infusion, which increases blood circulation and prepares the body to the top of the main procedure. Then massage with peeling hrenomi a rest house, massage and exfoliation broom (beer or honey) in a bath that help cleanse and strengthen the blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Contribute to the activation of metabolism and excretion of toxins. The next step - contrasting procedures and clay applique on the whole body. The powerful detox effect. Next - the banana mask on the body. Ablution aromanastoem.
Gives perfect rejuvenating, revitalizing and relaxing effect.





T = +40 + 60 °C
humidity 60 - 80%

The peculiarity of the Turkish bath is that the floor and beds are heated to 40-60 ° C. Climatic conditions in the sauna hammam allowes to be there for a long time and not feel discomfort.
Hammam is one of the most effective methods of physical therapy effects on the health of the body and the appearance of human skin. In the middle of the Turkish bath there is spacious room, where you can find heated stone beds, which the Turks call "chebek-Tashi" ie stone for the stomach. "Let chebek will always be hot!" is The most common Turkish proverb.


Stages of visit hammam


Initially, it is desirable to lie down on chebek-Tashi for heating. Most importantly you should sweat. Then take a shower. But do not lather! Soap or gel on the skin leaves a moisturizing film, and then a massage glove can not capture the dead skin cells, unclog pores, remove toxins. And by this hammam prepares the skin. The procedure is repeated several times and the length of stay increases (patrons stay in the hammam at least half an hour).


After a shower goes exfoliating massage session. Armed with a special glove, masseur carefully rubbes the body, rolling up dead skin cells. The body is then thoroughly rinsed with water and lather glove made of coarse cloth or a special brush. After exfoliation it is necessary to wash with soap and water, but no washcloths. Shower completes the cleansing and will bring a great pleasure.


After the cleaning procedure you go to the pool. First, it is desirable to plunge into the warm water, then in cold. Those who are not afraid of the cold, want to narrow the blood vessels and fill the body with energy, may soon plunge into a pool with cold water.


Milk, butter, cream ... Your skin will gratefully absorb them and become soft and tender. Applying them, massage the body from the bottom to top and it will give a feeling of lightness. Those who want to adequately complete the sybaritic ritual, refer to the masseur - during massage you muscles will relax, skin will be smoothed and body will get huge influx of vitality. By the way, during the massage the effectiveness of all cosmetic products increased by 30%.


To adapt to the new state, the body requires rest. We in the SPA-center "Tsunami" have a special room where in the dim light you can stretch out quietly on the bed and quench the thirst of helthy herbal tea. The rest with moisturizing mask will complete the rest of the skin. In the SPA-center, you can get a manicure and pedicure, especially since most of the work has already been done by steam.


Hammam treatments

Peeling massage

Peeling massage Soap body scrub with special mitten. Great skin cleansing and anti-stress effect.

Soap Dream

Cleansing with soap Aleppo and massage with bags of Himalayan pebbles.
First, the procedure of contrast water
The next stage - exfoliating soap and a special mitten Aleppo. Then - massage with bags of Himalayan pebbles. The treatment ends with a moisturizing body cream argan oil

As a result - skin cleansing, harmonizing emotional state, lymphatic drainage and relaxing a stunning effect





The ancient system of maintaining health through anti-infective properties of essential oils. Warm room with bamboo mats, which are allocated within the volatile essential oils, aromatic substances to create special aromaatmosferu sounds nice relaxing music. Use essential oils and their compositions, which are selected based on the time of day, individual reading and preferences.

The main purpose - a place of relaxation and aromatherapy. It recommended after most procedures.



Finnish sauna


T = +90 +120 °C 
humidity 3 - 15%

Visit our Finnish sauna and you will understand why it is so popular around the world. Besides warming up, you breathe in "live" air filled with aromas of medical herbs, relax listening to the birds singing under the light color waterfall.
Aquaviva is a system that uses randomly generated optical and audible signals to create an atmosphere of relaxation in the sauna. You will get the full effect of exposure to nature, surrounded by birdsong, the rustle of the trees, the sound of water.
Sauna is the 'sister' of Russian steam bath (by the way, "sauna" in Finnish means "bath"). Ancestor of Russian baths and saunas is one and the same log cabin."

Dry air sauna having a smaller thermal conductivity and heat capacity and allows to raise the temperature in the sauna to 90-100 ° C. As a result, the coverage by heat is better in the sauna and this is its advantage. However Russian bath should not be opposed to sauna because both Russian steam bath, and a modern sauna are upgraded and you can equally easy to set the desired temperature and humidity conditions.

High temperature saunas affects thermoregulation mechanisms of human that are closely connected with the vital organs and systems. Under the influence of temporary overheating (hyperthermia) there is change in all body functions as circulation, respiration, blood properties, isolation and metabolism, and others. Contrast in temperature (hot and cold air, water, steam, snow) increases the impact on the mechanisms of thermoregulation, and through them on many important functions. Very low humidity (below 15%) contributes a large perspiration and therefore the releases various toxins produced during metabolism. In addition, contributes the acceleration of the recovery of the organism and makes its own contribution to the healing effect of light and sound ...

Obligatory bath headwear!



Japanese bath – Ofuro


T = +41,  +45, +7 °C 
humidity - water

In Europe, the Japanese bath is considered exotic. Mistakenly believed that enough to make some oriental touches to the design of a bath and you will get a real Japanese bath. Contrary to this in the SPA-center "Tsunami" is accurately reproduced sauna of typical Japanese village hotel: 2 hot tubs with a temperature of 41 and 45°C for up to 4-6 people, and a swimming pool with a water temperature within of + 6 to + 8 ° C.
Japanese baths are primarily visited for health, and only then for rest, relaxation, mental clarity, vigor, strength, beauty, the freshness of the skin.

After having washed carefully, you can sit in the hot tub. After 10 minutes in the hot water of bath the pulse quickens of 120 beats per minute. After a hot bath plunge into the cold font. Back to the hot tub. And repeat several times. After such bath is necessary to have rest. Sweating is still ongoing for some time, and the Japanese after coming out of the ofuro, are wrapping in a sheets, and rest at least an hour on the couch.

Studies of Japanese doctors emphasize that ofuro helps to cope with stress, stimulates the cardiovascular system and kidney, is a valuable therapeutic and prophylactic medicine. It helps to cure metabolic diseases, relieves rheumatic pains. Those who regularly visit the bath, much less suffer from the flu. Japanese athletes appreciate ofuro as discharge means.
It is not recommended to use the bath in the acute stage of disease and exacerbation of chronic illnesses, as well as for pregnant women and children up to 3 years. It is contraindicated in epilepsy, pulmonary tuberculosis, decompensated heart failure, severe hypertension and angina.



Infrared Sauna

T = +40 +60 °C 
Humidity 5 - 10%

Infrared cabin is a new word in a diverse and interesting world of baths and saunas.
The cabin is made of environmentally friendly material such as juniper tree, it is easy and pleasant to breathe, where you can also listen to the music.

Infrared Feature booths that despite of deep heating of body the inside temperature does not exceed 40-60 ° C (for comparison the sauna with temperature of 100 ° C, the human body is warmed by a few millimeters).

The amount of sweat excreted during the half-hour session is 2-3 times higher than in the sauna, and its composition is different. If the sauna it consists of 95% water and only a 5% - dry residue, then the ratio of infrared cab 80 to 20. In a dry residue composition comprises fats, cholesterol, toxins, toxins, etc. That is, a much deeper cleaning of the body.
Studies of infrared cabins, conducted in Japan, the USA, the Netherlands and South Korea, have shown that they have effective healing effect on human body, in the most unexpected areas. Doctors say that infrared cabins have no contraindications and are suitable for people of any age. Regular half-hour sessions IR warmings in such booths reduce cholesterol in the blood, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, has a beneficial effect on the normalization of blood pressure, improves blood circulation and its supply to organs.



Pontian sauna


T = +90 +120 °C 
humidity 3 - 25%

Wooden bath inside of which there are bunch of herbs and bags with herb mixes by heating of which room filles with aroma and volatile that provides anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effect.
It is pretty intense heat treatment which stimulates metabolism and triggers the mechanism of detoxification. During the procedure, the number of existing capillaries increases and has a beneficial effect on the blood supply to tissues and organs.

Procedures in Pontian sauna

"Cold Flame"

Warming up in Pontian sauna with a fan aroma moisture stones, cryo-ice massage herbal extract, cupping vacuum massage oil, massage through the cold sheets.

"The Spanish Cloak"

 Bath procedure in Pontian sauna. Salt applications, designed for removal of intoxication, weight loss, relief of hangover.


 From 2 to 6 people. It is a gradual, soft, deep warming. Carried out in three basic approaches.



Hippocrates sauna


T = +40 +60 °C

humidity 60 - 80%

Specialty of this bath to cure the problems of the spine and joints. Developed by the best specialists the unique method of rehabilitation of the spine can restore muscle tone and function of the spine.
It is variant of the eastern stone baths with temperatures up to 50 degrees and controlled humidity. 2 stone placed inside the heated treatment table, on which a variety of treatments conducted.




Massage of major muscle groups in combination with the methods of joint exercises and stretching. Particular attention is paid to the cervical, lumbar and feet. Then you are turned over on your back. Massage is an articular game. Next massage of front of the thighs and passive exercises of the lower extremities.

Then the stomach area and chest are massaged. Particular attention is paid to elaboration of the diaphragm, and lymph areas. Procedure on the first table completed with the hand, neck and head massage. The procedure continues at a semicircular table and traction (stretching) of the spine at different angles is conducted, which offloads the intervertebral disc and a has beneficial effect on the entire muscule system.



Ancient oriental sauna


T = +40 +60 °C 
humidity 60 - 80%


Wisdom and centuries-old experience of the Ancient East presents an amazing combination of marble and the healing properties of silicon, herbal medicine, massage and exfoliation treatments. A thousand years ago, this kind of bath was used by octors of the East as one of the most successful methods of healing and wellness today. Cosmetic effect of oriental baths has been successfully applied in the best SPA-centers of the world.

Ancient oriental bath with a temperature of 40 ° C to 50 ° C and humidity of 60% to 80% normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood pressure and function of the nervous system, has a healing effect on the whole body. Increases the elasticity of the tissues, muscles relax, relieves pain and fatigue accumulated during physical and mental stress. The organism is able to relax quickly and have a fast recovery effect - even after a hard day's work.
Feature of cosmetic effect of ancient oriental bath Is that with the warming of your body we conduct honey, coffee or chocolate peeling massage, then – Cryo massage, and we complete it with the fruit mask that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. After the baths of ancient oriental skin is particularly delicate, silky and smooth.

Bath procedure is Awesome by its effectiveness. Exclusive peeling massage using natural ingredients (honey, chocolate, oats) plus gorgeous fruit and vegetable masks



Salt Sauna


T = +40 +50 °C

humidity  3 - 15%

Warm stone cave where the atmosphere is filled with steam of natural healing salt. Extremely helthy for the prevention of diseases of broncho-pulmonary system, particularly chronic and associated with smoking.
Stone bath, a feature of which is to have a special facility which generates a fine aerosol of salt water. As a result, the room space is filled with tiny drops of salt water, which, when inhaled, have a therapeutic effect: help clean up the bronchial tubes (the removal of phlegm), reduce allergic symptoms of many diseases (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, hay fever). Increased immune airway mucosa and, as a consequence, increases the resistance to infections.



Russian sauna


T = +60 +90 °C 
humidity 30 - 60%

In our center, Russian bath looks like a wooden house made of logs. Traditional oven stove enables readability control the heat , splashing water on the hot stones of the furnace and creating a "steam pushes."
In the Russian bath air is saturated with water vapor, the temperature of "foggy" air rises to 60-90 ° C. Pair compartment is equipped with benches, arranged at different heights from the floor, the higher is it the hotter you feel. When you visit the Russian bath the blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue enhanced, it accelerates metabolism, opens pores, removes toxins it has cleansing effect on the skin and the body as a whole. As a result the increasing endurance, performance, the body's resistance to colds.

Obligatory bath headwear!
Allowed the use of beverages such as kvass, juice, tea, fresh juice. Excludes alcoholic beverages, including beer.

After the bath you can visit shower or snow room. Then the pool. And be sure to have rest.


Procedures in the Russian sauna

Massage with oak or birch broom

The massage increases blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissues and muscles.
Enhances metabolism, cleanses from germs and dangerous action of which neutralized volatile production contained in the leaves of broom and herbal infusions. Their nutrients penetrate into the pores of the skin, providing a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, strengthening the heart and blood vessels.

Massage with broom and honey scrub

It is the most famous Russian bath procedure. The combination of ritual parks broom